Communion Message for November 13th

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Message based on John 10:1-10

Every November, we continue a tradition in worship of celebrating Holy Communion nearest the Sunday to the date of November 13th. Here today we actually celebrate communion on that date. We celebrate Communion this morning because the events of a Synod that took place in September of 1741. At most synods elections take place for certain offices and the big election at this synod was the role of Chief Elder. The Chief Elder was primarily responsible for hearing people’s complaints and concerns, especially in spiritual matters. The Chief Elder prayed on behalf of the community, and at times worked to make peace between individuals. The Chief Elder was someone who was expected to offer sound advice. Leonard Dober was Chief Elder and he was tired of serving in that role. The position of Chief Elder was very demanding. He officially asked to lay down this office, and then the rest of the elders set about trying to find someone to replace him. Various people were nominated yet no one received unanimous support from those gathered. Finally the question was asked,

“Would not the Lord our Savior be so gracious to accept this office for Himself? To Him alone no objection could be raised.”

All members of the synod agreed that this would solve their problem and all accepted Jesus with joy and deep humility.” The idea of the headship of Christ in the Church on earth is Scriptural. Our gospel lesson this morning from John sees Jesus telling those gathered that he is the Shepherd. The shepherd was a figure who represented faithfulness, compassion, guidance and protection. Jesus displayed these characteristics in his life. We in turn are his flock, called to follow him. The purpose of our Communion service this morning is to offer our members and guests the opportunity to realize that Jesus Christ is the Head and Chief Elder of the Moravian Church. He is also the Head of each individual believer, and on this day we should renew our pledge and loyalty to serving Christ.

This is the Lord’s Table. Our Savior invites those who trust him to share the feast he has prepared.

The Rev. Dr. David A. Marcus, Jr.

November 13, 2016







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