Lovefeast Message for December 16th

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Message based upon Luke 2:1-20

While we were a couple of weeks off from celebrating a “White Christmas!” It’s nice to see that thing called sunshine once again this morning. We are happy you are with us this morning for worship. As I speak of the subject of worship, one of my first memories of attending a worship service happened to be this very service, a Lovefeast on Christmas Eve.  I remember traveling to Winston-Salem from my hometown of Charlotte to attend the Christmas Eve Lovefeast service at my grandparent’s church. I was maybe four or five years old and was amazed that we could come to church and actually eat during worship. At that age I wished every Sunday would be a Lovefeast! I also remember how fascinated I was in seeing the dieners enter into the sanctuary in such an orderly way and serve us.  I thought to myself that when I became older I wished that I could become a diener too. While I had that experience of being a diener in my younger years I stand before you this morning not as a diener but a minister instead! I really can’t say that I remember the words of that minister at that Lovefeast service 45 years ago except for the fact I thought he talked too long! I assure you I will not follow in those footsteps!

Joking aside, one of the most visible memories I had of that experience was noticing (like I have this morning) that many people were smiling and I thought to myself that church was great place for us to come and experience joy and happiness. I still believe this today, that coming to church to worship should be an experience that brings us happiness. Christmas is the time of the year for us to recall special memories with loved ones and of course to create new memories as well. I suspect that there is one common thread through all of our memories. This common thread would be those relationships that help give our lives meaning and purpose. That in my opinion is a great gift of this holiday season.

However I believe that the greatest gift of Christmas is our love and connection to that first family of Christmas. The first Christmas involved a family that had Joseph, Mary and the infant Jesus. Soon, this little family became larger as people of all walks of life were brought together around Jesus. First there were angels, shepherds and the wise men. As Jesus became older, others were brought into his family. These included people who were tax collectors, fisherman, those suffering from leprosy and many others who were considered to be outcasts in society. In every generation more people became a part of His family. Christmas comes each year to remind us that we are all connected, that God’s desire for us is that there be peace and good will between all members of the human family.

Today’s service helps remind each of us that Christmas is a time for celebration and a time for connection with God and with others. We at Christ Moravian Church hope you have a blessed Christmas celebration in the days to come!

The Rev. Dr. David A. Marcus, Jr.

December 16, 2018

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