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wont-you-be-my-neighbor-05Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Building Christian Community in the 21stCentury. Taking place at Calvary Moravian Church on Saturday, February 23rd.

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Leadership Focus Registration

Being the church in the twenty-first century calls us to new challenges and demands greater commitment and understanding of our faith and action. This year, we’ll explore ways we as Moravian Christians can truly “be neighbor” in our local communities and the world. How can Moravians serve as neighbors in ways that enrich our spiritual lives, congregational lives, and mission in the world? What does being missional really look like today? What is God calling us to do or be in the 21stcentury? A day of learning and fellowship, Leadership Focus provides education, training, and discussion opportunities for Southern Province Moravians. Join us for an engaging opening presentation by Terrance Hawkins and more workshops as well.

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