Meet Our Interim Pastor

Richard Spaugh

Let me introduce myself. My name is Richard Spaugh; born in Winston-Salem; graduated from Gray High School and Moravian College and Seminary. Married to Jean with two children and five grandchildren.  Served First Moravian Church in Greensboro, Salem Academy & College, Laurel Ridge and First Moravian Church in Georgia.  Since moving back to Winston-Salem, I have served as an Interim at Mayodan, Trinity and Bethesda. I look forward to my time with you.

I hope you will find me an open and flexible person.  I believe worship is one of the two essentials of congregational life.  I believe the Bible is an exciting and real-life teacher.  The story of God’s revealing himself to us through his chosen people culminating in the life of his Son speaks to us in every facet of our living.  Worship and loving each other, not necessarily liking each other, but understanding and accepting the value of one another is the other essential.  Note: You have to be in church to do the second essential.  This is what Christ teaches us and what I have already heard is one of the gifts Christ Moravian Church possesses.  I look forward to shaking your hand.

Church Contact phone number: 336-283-9276      

Email Address:

Rev. Richard Spaugh

1801 B Geneva Road

Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Cell Phone :  336-534-7785





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