Worship Begins in the Fellowship Building

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Members are reminded that on Sunday, January 5th morning worship takes place in our Fellowship Building for the next few months. Many thanks to Bobbie and NT Russell, Carol Johnson and Archie Walker who assisted in our set up Monday morning! There will be a few changes regarding worship in this space for us that we wanted our members and visitors to know about beforehand. To learn more about these changes please click on the link “continue reading” below.

  • Since there are already 70+ copies of our 1969 (Red) Hymnal in the Fellowship Building we will be using this hymnal for worship during January and February.
  • We will be introducing a larger sized bulletin (our initial copy will be used on December 29th). This bulletin will eliminate the need to include the CMC bulletin board insert and  will also include our Scripture passages and a place for sermon notes.
  • Speaking of Sunday sermons, we will not have any audio equipment avaialble to record our worship services thus our tape ministry will be suspended for the next few months. Manuscript copies of our Sunday morning sermons will be available should any of our special friends desire a copy during these months.
  • Worship service will be “unplugged”—Stephen Holland will be playing the piano and we will have no sound system either. If you have trouble hearing, we encourage you to sit closer to the front.
  • Our Nursery and Godly Play will continue, meeting in the basement of the Fellowship Building. New carpet has been installed and Donna Tesh has been hard at work recruiting volunteers to assist her each Sunday and converting this space to meet our needs in the upcoming months.

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