Synod Elections Update

Synod_logo_1forpostDavid Guthrie was re-elected as Provincial Elders’ Conference President.  Congratulations to Clara “Cackie” Rollins who was re-elected to the Provincial Women’s Board. In addition delegates were in the voting process to elect a bishop. After ten ballots, the resolution to elect a bishop was revisited. A lengthy discussion on the floor of Synod took place . The body of Synod discerned that perhaps the Holy Spirit was not leading us to elect a bishop and by majority vote the resolution to elect a bishop was defeated. To view a complete listing of the current election results please see below:

Provincial Elders’ Conference Clergy

Ray Burke
Dan Crews
Chris Thore

Provincial Elders’ Conference Layperson

Ron Bell
Peggy Carter
Joyce Vance

Board of Directors, Board of World Mission

Donna Hurt
Dan Nelson

Board of Directors, Moravian Mission Society

Matthew Allen
Scott Brent
Scarlett Dowdy
Faye Gardner
Bette Hollifield
Joe Jarvis
Jeff Jones
Tripp May
Dewey Mullis
Timothy Sapp
Michael Sawtelle
Jane Wynne

Board of Trustees, Moravian Theological Seminary

F. Scott Bauer
Heather Vacek

Board of Trustees, Salem Academy and College

Wayne Burkette
Camille McDowell
Chi Chi Messick
Mary W. Rights
Mary Lou Stott

Board of Trustees, Salemtowne

Peggy Carter
Don Frey
Deron Mabe
Graham Rights

Provincial Women’s Board

Gloria Barker
Oneita Dease
Mallie Graham
Evva Hanes
Julia Horton
Janet Jennings
Cackie Rollins
Susan Parker
Patricia Sapp
Becky Ward

Delegates to Unity Synod

John D. Rights
Craig Troutman

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