Loose Change Offering on October 29th

Loose change Sunday is October 29th

Every 5th Sunday has been designated by the Leadership Board of Christ Moravian Church as a “loose change” offering for a special cause in our community and world. In 2017  two recipients will receive our loose change: Ray of Hope Ministry in Kenya, Africa and the Winston Salem Street School. Sunday’s offering will go to support the Winston Salem Street School.

Thoughts and Prayers

VegasOur heartfelt thoughts, prayers and sympathy are extended to those in the Las Vegas community. To date, over fifty people have died and over 500 individuals are being treated in hospitals for injuries related to a shooting incident that took place at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival. Remembering these words from our Moravian Book of Worship:

“For all who are in danger, trouble, or anguish, we ask the presence and strength of your Spirit.”  (Intercessions in Time of Crisis)

Holy Communion This Sunday

Join us this Sunday
Join us this Sunday
Join us for our worship service this Sunday. We will be celebrating the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Our worship service begins at 11 AM. This Sunday is recognized as World Communion Sunday and is a celebration observed by several Christian denominations.   Continue reading “Holy Communion This Sunday”

Emergency Cleanup Buckets Needed

bucketsAt our Petersbrook RCC meeting in September, each RCC congregation has committed themselves to make 10 Emergency Cleanup Buckets. If your Sunday school class, fellowship group or as an individual would like to fill one of these buckets, please contact the church office. The due date for these buckets is Monday, October 9th. Please click below on the PDF file to view the items desired not only for an emergency bucket but also a hygiene kit as well.

Church World Services Information

Nominations and Recommendations Needed for Provincial Boards and Committees

Now is the time to get involved! The Synod Nominations Committee has just announced the nomination process is now open for members of the Moravian Church, Southern Province to consider serving on various Provincial Boards and Committees. To learn more about how you can become involved or recommend someone to serve, please follow this link for 2018 Synod information:

Moravian Church Southern Province



Christ Moravian Welcomes Jennifer Sands September 17th

Jennifer SandsChristian author and speaker Jennifer Sands will be sharing her heart and her story of how after the death of her husband Jim, in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, she was transformed from a God believing good person to having a deep intimate relationship with God.  Sands will be our guest speaker in worship on Sunday, September 17th at 11 AM. To learn more about Jennifer Sands please  download this information in PDF format:

Jennifer Sands information

Or follow this link to her webpage:

Jennifer Sands

Updates Around The Unity

Website-Cover-photo-Hurricane-HarveyMORAVIAN DISASTER RESPONSE

Hurricanes and Earthquake Damage Update and Response

There is quite a lot happening at MDR. We are doing our best to monitor situations on several fronts. The update below will focus on the reports coming into the BWM from our partners and congregations. We realize the impact is much broader than areas where Moravian Churches are located, but cannot fit all of the information currently being covered by 24 hour news cycles into this update.

If you have any specific questions not addressed here, please email Justin@MoravianMission.org.

As we begin disbursing funds to some areas, and still wait for the full impact in others, we thank the many generous donors who have given already, and provide information below on how to direct financial gifts.

Hurricane Irma & Jose

Eastern West Indies Province
The BWM has received a letter from Cortroy Jarvis, Chairman of the EWI Province, providing an update on the situation so far in terms of the damage to the Leeward Islands, as well as the British and U.S. Virgin Islands. I encourage you to read the whole letter, posted on the BWM website, but the largest impact to Moravian areas appears to be on St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Additionally, the provincial office on Antigua is preparing to act as emergency housing for at least 4 families of the many, many people who have been evacuated from Barbuda, where a great majority of homes and structures have experienced damage. Continue reading “Updates Around The Unity”

Children’s Festival Lovefeast August 20th

World Mission Lovefeast Sunday, November 2nd 3 PM
Children’s Lovefeast August 20th

Join us for worship on Sunday. August 20th as we celebrate a special Lovefeast service at 11 AM. Following the August 13th spiritual renewal of 1727, the children of the Moravian settlement of Herrnhut had a similar awakening. The late Bishop Kenneth G. Hamilton wrote in his book, History of the Moravian Church the following:

The whole experience can be attributed…to the keen interest taken in the spiritual development of their children by the leaders of Herrnhut, Zinzendorf in chief. These men and women did not regard inner life of the young with that condescension too often shown by adults. They held that in the things of the spirit, the Lord could use a little child to lead elder persons.